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Proverbs 21:6 (NASB) The acquisition of treasures by a lying tongue Is a fleeting vapor, the pursuit of death.

Kindkampf is German language for "war on childhood" and refers to the war on children. It describes how liberal government and worldly philosophies are unrelentingly hostile toward children and child development.

Most parents are simply naive. 1 generation ago, relative to me, our parents' generation was possibly the first to be taught and rigorously schooled that parents are essentially not responsible for raising their children; that teaching children is best performed by the government and parents should abdicate that role. This of course opened the door for all kinds of disgrace. [1]

Most people do not realize that they were schooled and deceived in cultural Marxism. There are deep levels of liberal denial and confusion. Satan is the author of confusion. I am (soon to be 28), even people who are much older or younger than me, most of us have been psychologically abused and gaslighted as children and being coerced to believe that "big leftist government is the good guy." This segues into authoritarian psychology and I merged that stub into the top quotations below, called authoritarian psychology. I do cite many secular articles if they are strong research papers and there is much good information.

Presently, there are near mainstream credibility for reports that German children are being bullied by Muslim children in the government schools. Here is why I find the German language for this expression so compelling. German is known as sort of a bellicose sounding tongue, which means war-like. The Orwellian doublespeak of spewing lies and coercing children really puts the "kind" in Kindkampf.

Top quotations

"As we move in to adulthood, the impending necessity of independent survival often compels us further to assimilate to the “security” of society. Here, the government-worshipping ideologies of Authoritarianism and Statism become more deeply entwined with identity beyond childhood conditioning and adolescent sentimentality, and in to the established adult worldview deemed “necessary” for survival. Social conformity, profit, and the comforts of convenience are often given more cultural value than freedom of personal expression, exploration, and personal sovereignty. Many become so thoroughly indoctrinated and so psychologically identified to a certain set of beliefs (religious, scientific, political, spiritual, nationalistic, racial, etc.) that they feel personally threatened and may become hostile when their ideological concepts are questioned. Due to this lifelong psychological imprinting, like a global Stockholm Syndrome, most people adhere to the Authoritarian doctrines and Statist regulations of social domination, even when- upon deeper examination- they prove not to be truthful, healthy, empowering, or sustainable." Humberto LVX [2]