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Islamophobia is a hoax and a scam. While real bigotry indeed ought to be rejected and denounced, that is not what Islamophobia is about. The hoax/scam narrative is pushed by leftists and Islamic supremacists who demand free speech be silenced for any mild criticism of jihad and terror.

Islamophobia crocodile tears are primarily a smokescreen intended to tickle the ears of Westeners, so they can luxuriate in a false sense of moral superiority even as non-Muslims are slaughtered in mainly Muslim majority nations. Many of the Islamophobia hoaxers are wolves in sheep's clothing. However a greater number of people who buy into this nonsense are merely sheep and they will believe whatever their wolf leftist and Islamic supremacist so-called 'leaders' tell them.

The pernicious lie and false narrative goes like this: see, Islamophobia is a very serious problem. Americans and Christians need to make more apologies, and more concessions, and only then will the jihad genie go back in the bottle. Except there is no stuffing the jihadist genie back in the bottle at this point. European 'leaders' and elites are so stricken with liberal white guilt that they choose to commit ritually suicide (at the governmental level), betray their countrymen, and lead many to death and hell on earth, all for the glory of selling out to foreign citizens such as those who come from wealthy, advanced nations with Islamic government.

The US is very kind to Muslims, foreign citizens, and Muslim American citizens. America has done more for immigrants than any other country.

I also argue that spending money on real refugees is fine and good. That is not the case of the current Obama executive immigration policy to bring in thousands of disproportionately Sunni Muslim immigrants, who aren't even a persecuted people from the places from where they are fleeing. The selfishness and naivete of leftist politicians, and the cunning malice of ISIS types to embed among real refugees, the outcome is that US and EU are spending billions on fake 'refugees.'

This is a travesty and a shame because the real refugees are being screwed over, in many cases screwed over by their own countrymen who are ethnically and racially similar or the same (Syrians killing Syrians). Why is there so much ethnoreligious violence in Middle East nations, then? Despite the protests of leftist deceptions, the answer is because of religion. The Koran teaches that Islam as a war theology should wage jihad against absolutely everyone, which has been ongoing for some 1,400 years.


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