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Institutional analysis is contrasted with conspiracy thought [1]. IA is a school of thought that defends the official story told by the establishment and favored by the power elite.

Top quotations

"The human species has evolved as pattern-seeking, cause-inferring animals. As such, our nature drives us to find meaningful relationships to understand the world. Conspiracy theories are offered as alternate explanation to an important social, political or economic event (henceforward, “The Event”) when the institutional narrative is confusing or unsatisfactory. Conspiracy, originally a neutral term, has acquired a somewhat derogatory meaning since the mid sixties, for it implies a paranoid tendency to see the influence of some malign covert agency in certain events. Conspiracy theorizing has become commonplace in the mass media and emerged as a cultural phenomenon in the United States following the public assassination of JFK." --Dr. Katherine Smith

"To a great extent, there has always been this clash between people who simply believe in a straight line (I call them the uniformity crowd) and anyone who deviates, whom they see as somehow at fault and abnormal." --Martin Armstrong [2]