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I consider the media wiki platform here to be "my site" although none of this would be happening without the heartily done work of my friend Tim. I have supplied lots in original writings (of course, a portion of that text is biblical quotes, extra-biblical quotes, excellent links, things like that) although I have never held operational control over the main page.

As many prolific writers and perfectionist-minded people know, we go through phrases where we are pleased with and displeased by our previous work. So the Wiki represents stage 3. The basic blog was stage 1, and the word press was stage 2. Since I own all those works and writings, while nonetheless having shared them with this Sheepdog construct, which is like a guild of people, over time all of that stage 1-2 stuff will be given substantive (as needed) revisions and then integrated into here.

That is, pretty much everything good or mostly good that I have ever written will find it's way into here. This is going to be somewhat chaotically organized for awhile.

So what I have to do next is encourage with kinds words how we can relaunch main page (something I've never had operational access to) to make the Wiki ongoing work here more known. I will also commit to updating the main page and rotating verses and timestamps every day, yet I need my people to help me and show/tell me how to do this. It is on me to ask nicely and make that happen. I also go through cycles and phases of intensive scholarship vs. intensive sociability. Sometimes I manage to hold a balance, while doing a lot of each.

Two of the better known "soldier-scholar" types are Sun Tzu and Dave Grossman. I think that I also very much fit with that model, given that I seem to have a genetic basis for military science mindedness. It is true that my paternal grandfather was a navy man, so was his dad, most of the men in my line were military people or military doctors for many generations going back at least as far as 1776.