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Mark 12:24 And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?

Everyone has their own writing/speaking style and it is not my intent to offend. The reader can learn the case material and realize that it's not personal, it's policy, and many other areas of intellectually honest disagreement.

Life stories and anecdotes are true. That is autobiographic writing. Investigative and research/documentation matter are another, I argue from the truth and evidence. If I make a rare though honest mistake, all of us do sometimes, I make an honest correction. I do this for free and the public good. You can learn about the knowledge of the truth from the best of the commons. That is pretty much what I did.

There is a big difference between honest error in investigative journalism and r&d vs. willful dishonesty, and I do not deceive. I post a strong selection of case material and excellent links and papers. At least 2 of the longer big papers, even smoking gun you could say, are devastating for a deceiver's agenda.

Many of these verses are ones that all kinds of shady people wouldn't want to deal with. Others like to go twisting and slipping and sliding. I cover the counterfeit problem and psy ops, which would be highly disadvantageous if I was into counterfeit and psy ops. In fact, I would even argue that the 2 papers can be considered "smoking gun" to that end, as they are so overpowered on content. One of them is found on the counterfeit page (written by Dr. McBean) and the other is found in psy ops and deals with agents and spooks in great detail.

There is also essay vs. diatribe, sometimes to make a start or outline I lean more toward diatribe. The wiki's larger view goal is stronger toward casual essay style (short and long research papers). It is good to use humor and have fun in this field. Most people can recognize a natural sense of humor and x factor; there are those who are so exceedingly wroth, they cannot handle the truth and there are a great many verses that deal with this.

I write about grace and salvation messaging, the latter is key because I remember the joyousness and sudden newness of knowing the Lord. I had bad mental programs running for many years, such as the leftism, sometimes you need to reason your way out and backtrack as in driving when you overshot your turn.

Sometimes people overshoot and drive past the right turn for miles and miles (figuratively) and even years (literally). I try and help people do exactly that, that is the life and grace I've lived, therefore it is close to my heart and the editorial spirit of this wiki.

I list many excellent references, the working goal for stage is the first 1,000 scholarly citations. There are certain blogs/sites that I make frequent reference to. Each of the big three are, in my assessment, the best in their field. The best economics blog on the web is Armstrong Economics. The best Christian case-making blog is Cold Case Christianity. If you are looking for conservative political case-making then I recommend the Last Refuge.

You can learn all the case material for yourself, and learn to do what I do, which is to practice research methods, as I learned from college prep high school and mastered in undergraduate. Once you get really good and fluent then you can combine genres and combine fields and go free-styling, similar to how I do in diatribe format, from knowledge and casual memory. I think of free-styling (diatribe) as a different style than formal research essay, the latter is more like a meticulously organized production, often with contributions from other players than just yourself.

It really is true that the truth will set you free. It is an exhilarating feeling of joyousness once you have developed the skills needed to swiftly discern truth from deception. That said, some of these truths require discernment and the Holy Spirit to be able to see clearly. Deception tends to be associated with negative emotions, you will get better and better at recognizing it at a gut level, both as a matter of faith and evidence. Others, they can go take a hike, nonetheless some will try and tell you that you are doing wrong because you aren't doing what they want you to do, such as voting for liberal politicians and/or so-called "conservative" politicians.

I have put literally hundreds upon hundreds of labor hours into learning the case material, studying to show myself approved, and to know what I am talking about. Often my critics will play the "mental illness" card and I say "no, you," moreover that I was a liberal/irreligious for 26 years. I received Christ when I was about 26.6 years old. Now I will be 28 in a few weeks. At no point in time, during my childhood or young adulthood, did I ever lose knowledge or decrease in information (a so-called "low-information voters," yea right!). In every sense and accuracy of the phrase, I gained information, and that led to me leaving liberalism and Democrat religion. I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Since then I have only increased in knowledge and information.


Habakkuk 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.


What is Web Ministry Don Koenig 5/27/2014


Book: One Second After by William Forstchen; Acknowledgments (page vii): "All books are, in a way, the works of others... those who inspired me as a kid, taught me to be a teacher, a writer, a father. Those of you who grew up with science fiction during the Cold War will remember Alas, Babylon, and the chilling movies Testament and On The Beach. The nightmares of that time did not happen, but one does wonder if their warnings ensured that indeed such things did not happen when I was a child. Their impact on me is obvious with this work, their warnings as real then as the warning of this book is a potential reality now"